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The Logitech Anywhere mouse M905 is not an ordinary portable mouse for $35. The keywords here are “everywhere” and “durable”. Before using Logitech M905, I was using cheap $10 Logitech mouse and a few of Razer mouse. The problem is they are all suck. Probably because they are using wire and not as durable as they had advertised.

Features :

  • Darklaser Technology – enable you to use the mouse literally on any surfaces (glass, ceramic, etc).
  • 5 customizable buttons.
  • Using Logitech unifying receiver (2.4 Ghz wireless).
  • Hyper fast scrolling.


What I really like is the 5 customizable buttons. 2 buttons on the right side, 1 middle button, and 2 on scrollwheel (left scrollwheel and right scrollwheel). If you are a Windows user, you can use Logitech Control Center to set all the buttons. For Mac users, I reccommend SteerMouse. A Japanese software that is perfectly fit for all customizable mouse. With SteerMouse for Mac, you can swipe between desktop using right or left scrollwheel. Pretty handy! It faster than Apple trackpad finger gestures.

m905sizehand m905sizepalm

In term of ergonomics, it fits very well. I have a medium-sized hand and it sits perfectly. For some of you, it is definitely small, but this is a portable mouse, it should be better than the others. See the darkfield slider on the bottom? You can switch off the mouse by sliding that button.


It is not that you must do it regularly. Without turning it off and constant 8 hours usage every day, my 2x rechargeable Eneloop AA 1,900 mAh batteries can last for 3,5 months. If you feel 2 batteries are heavy, it can be used with single battery too, such a great solution.

m905unifier m905pouch

If you are using it outside, Logitech provides a pouch and a place inside the mouse itself to place the unifying receiver.


  • Can be used literally anywhere.
  • Single or double battery use also acts as mouse weight manipulation.
  • Scroll is smooth (not to mention the hyper scroll).
  • Build is solid.
  • Fast on/off slider.
  • Wireless.


  • Glossy surface, oil and dirt magnet (still in an acceptable level).
  • Size is too small for some people.
  • Using Logitech own receiver.

Specification :

  • Mouse Dimensions (height x width x depth) : 63 mm (2.48 in) x 90.5 mm (3.56 in) x 34.5 mm (1.36 in)
  • Mouse Weight (including battery) : 125 g (4.41 oz)
  • Receiver Dimensions (height x width x depth) : 14.4 mm (0.57 in) x 18.7 mm (0.74 in) x 6.1 mm (0.24 in)