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2 in 1 Jacket. Jacket + Bag.

V I D E O Have you watched the video and read our review? Push the button below to make this item yours. I Can Buy This! The image itself is really self explanatory. It is a bag (depends how you see it at first) which can be transformed to a jacket. If you are a... read more

Fuji X100S

By the time this post was made, Fuji has released a newer version, X100T. A better X100S in some major areas (auto focus, new button layout, 2 stops aperture, and 1 more stop for exposure compensation). So why not choosing X100T instead? A better question will be : do... read more

Logitech Anywhere Mouse M905

The Logitech Anywhere mouse M905 is not an ordinary portable mouse for $35. The keywords here are “everywhere” and “durable”. Before using Logitech M905, I was using cheap $10 Logitech mouse and a few of Razer mouse. The problem is they are all... read more